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Concorp, Inc., established in 1982, is a full service environmental pollution control systems and support company. Our team of chemists and chemical engineers offer a broad range of comprehensive chemical process services to industries, hospitals, laboratories and otherorganizations. We are committed to providing the highest degree of technical excellence to assist industry and the biomedical community in the following areas:

Concorp has extensive experience in designing and providing complex wastewater treatment systems for numerous hospitals and laboratories. The corporate goal is to provide a strong technical base through a professional staff with extensive and diverse backgrounds supported by strong project management to ensure that the client's objectives of technical excellence, implementation and cost objectives are fulfilled. Combining scientific, engineering and management services we develop comprehensive strategies and solutions to environmental problems.Examples of recently installed systems are:

A Medical Waste Neutralization System

A VOC Treatment System

A Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Treatment System

Concorp offers neutralization, purification, metals recovery/removal,organics removal and other waste treatment systems. Each of these systems is specifically developed for wastewater treatment. We provide installation, full start-up support, operator training and detailed manuals and documentation with systems. We offer service for individual site visits as well as long-term contracts. Current project work includes:

A Two Stage System for an Environmental Testing Laboratory

A Biological Decontamination System

A Unitized Central Control System

Concorp's extensive knowledge and experience in permitting and regulatory standards can be a cost-effective resource for you.Changes in your discharge and new regulations are cause for new permitting. As a result, wastewater dischargers must implement or update treatment procedures and equipment. Concorp can be your interface with the various regulatory agencies. The types of agencies we often deal with are:

Announcing New Instrumentation and Control Services!

Preprogrammed and pre-assembled wastewater treatment instrumentation is now available from Concorp. A fully-equipped electronic design and repair facility, Concorp can cost-effectively preprogram, install and repair your electronic instrumentation.

With our electronic assembly and repairs capability, Concorp can:

Computer monitoring systems (SCADA) and networks can be added to your newly designed and/or to existing processes. Concorp's capabilities include dedicated measurement instrumentation, programmablelogic controllers, data acquisition and recording equipment, distributed control systems, and much, much more.

For more information contact:

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